Red Clover is a non-bank alternative lender
servicing lower middle market real estate,
energy, and technology sectors
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A boutique lender providing liquidity

to individual, institutional and investors alike

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Small Balance Commercial Loans

This are for commercial properties and/or investment properties

Asset Backed Loan

An asset-backed loan/line of credit is a method of funding
that allows companies a kind of “early access” to future revenue.
The amount of money you are advanced is usually based on a percentage of the overall value of your company’s assets
(like your inventory, real estate holdings, equipment, and accounts receivable.)
These assets also act as collateral against the loan.

DIP Loans

DIP loans are typically asset based, revolving working-capital facilities put into place at the outset of a Chapter 11
Bankruptcy to provide both immediate cash as well as ongoing working capital during the reorganization process.
DIP financing helps the company restore vendor and customer
confidence in the company’s ability to maintain its liquidity.

Experienced, Efficient, Trustworthy
Smart Balance Comercial Loans
Asset Backed Loan
DIP Loans

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$250k to $500k
$500k to $1mm
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